The Benefits of Sports Massage

Top benefits sports massage

Whether you are a casual gym goer or an elite athlete, sports massage is something you should consider anytime you are feeling physically tired or working to overcome an injury. Sports massage offers many benefits to individuals of all ages and athletic abilities, but many people think this is just a luxury treatment that isn’t necessary for their overall health and wellbeing. Our Prudhoe physiotherapy office offers a range of physiotherapy and massage services and will be here to support you with any aches and pains you are experiencing. Keep reading as we share the top benefits of sports massage and why you should book this treatment on a regular basis as an athlete.

Recover from Injuries Quicker

One of the top reasons that people come to see our Prudhoe physiotherapy team is that they’ve recently been injured playing a sport they love. If you are an athlete, you know that an injury can really set you back from your training plan and stop you from doing the thing you love most. Sports massage will be tailored to support you when dealing with an injury, which is one of the benefits of sports massage for athletes of any ability. Our team will work to understand your current pain and decide what we can do to reduce tension and pain around the area of the injury. Sometimes we’ll work on an area that’s taking extra pressure as a result of the injury, which can help to make your recovery process much smoother.

Improve Your Performance Quality

When you take the time to look after your body and mind with sports message, you’ll find that your overall sports performance improves. Many of us think that by stretching at the end of each workout, we’ve done all we need to do in order to keep in top condition. Sports massage can help to focus on those areas of tension which may be slowing down your performance or making you compensate in other ways. Our team will be here to show you the effects and benefits of sports massage so that you see why so many professional athletes have physiotherapy in Prudhoe to keep at elite performance levels. This isn’t a treatment that we think of as a luxury, and instead of athletes it’s something that you want to add to your routine on a monthly basis to look after your body.

Reduce the Chance of Future Injuries

If you are holding tension in any part of your body, you are more likely to compensate by putting weight on your muscles and joints differently. Over time, you are likely to put a lot of stress on your body, which may result in an injury. As well as supporting individuals with current injuries, one of the biggest sports massage benefits is that you will be helping to reduce the chance of issues and injuries in the future. Our team will discuss with you any past concerns you’ve had with your health and make suggestions for ways to avoid these issues again in the future.

A Personalised Treatment for Any Athlete

Sports massage isn’t a treatment that’s the same for every single person. Instead, when we first meet with you, we’ll discuss the type of sport or exercise you do on a regular basis and figure out the areas of your body which are holding most tension or are at the greatest risk of injury. We can then create a tailored treatment that’s designed to overcome your personal concerns. Unlike traditional massage, we don’t always focus on the whole body, and may choose to spend one session just trying to resolve issues in your legs, back or upper body.

A Deep and Effective Massage

Sports massage isn’t necessarily the most relaxing treatment, as the aim of this treatment is to get your body in optimum condition for your sport. We’ll work to make you feel as relaxed as possible, but we often have to apply deeper pressure in order to see all of the benefits of this type of massage. Of course, our team will work with you if it’s your first time having a sports massage to ensure you are comfortable and can also enjoy the treatment to some extent as well. As you get used to this type of massage, you’ll find that you can tolerate higher levels of pressure when you see the great results it offers.

Are you interested in having sports massage to improve your sports performance or reduce pain and tension in your body? Our team will be here to support you no matter what type of sport you play and work to reduce the aches and pains you feel on a regular basis. Contact us today for more information about sports massage or to book your first treatment.

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