Meet The Team

Kate Young

If you have claimed your free ‘Get out of Pain and Start Moving Better‘ assessment it will be with Kate. Kate Young is the Owner of Physio and Therapy and clinic’s Lead Therapist. She specialises in helping people who have not been successful in getting help to move better, feel better, and live better. 

Kate is a true master of her craft and has been named as the ‘Consultant Body Mechanic’ and ‘Pain Slayer’ by her clients.

Fabian Harmer

Fabian Harmer holds with a Masters degree in Osteopathy (MOst) and has experience in treating a wide range of chronic and acute problems. He offers a comfortable, relaxed and professional approach to healthcare and tailors every session specifically for each individual as he recognises that each patient is different.

Emily Sheriff – Clinic Manager

Emily is the Clinic Manager; she will help make your journey to a pain-free life warm and trouble free.

Emily joined the company in 2018 as Receptionist and was promoted to Clinic Manager in 2021. What makes Emily so special is the fact that she is also a Yoga teacher and so understands more than most how important it is to live without pain. Emily will take care of you from start to finish so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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