Stop feeling like you’re 100 years old when you wake up every day

Where you’re at now…

You may feel like you are ageing at a frightening rate due to not being able to get up and go in the morning like you used to. When the body is imbalanced, out of alignment, overworked or just generally unhappy – symptoms worsen overnight. This is due to what we call ‘stagnation’ of already stiff and tight parts of your body. This is particularly common in the spine; there are 33 bones in the spine so if they are not as flexible, hydrated and straight as they should be, then 6-8 hours of keeping them still makes the problem seem ten times worse when you try to move the next day.

The problems you have right now…

Having back problems can be draining and although they may come and go, typically the first few steps in the morning are the hardest. You may look like the ‘neanderthal man’ when you first get up as the body starts to produce the fluid which lubricates the joints on movement so you can walk upright. This may be as a result of some of the following:

  • Twisted pelvis
  • Misaligned joints in the back and neck
  • Tightness on one side due to the body because you’re not straight
  • Disc problems
  • Arthritis
  • Trigger points (areas that are very sore when touched)

What you need help with right now…

What would help you right now is to have a clear understanding of what is causing your symptoms and the differences and similarities between pain and damage. You will need a hands-on assessment to determine the exact cause of your symptoms, which in turn will tell me what you need to get better.

In the case of long-term problems you may simply need short term help to restore your movement and help maintain a full, pain-free range of movement. In the case where your current symptoms are significantly impacting your life physically and emotionally, we would require a more comprehensive treatment plan to get you to where you want to be.

How can the ‘Stop feeling like you’re 100 years old when you wake up every day’ course help you?
I will explain how the body works, in particular the spine and how easy it is for the back to become very stiff and limit our lives. How we move has a huge impact on our daily lives. I will also explain how I work to allow you to access your full potential; and to live better, move better and feel better.

The ‘Stop feeling like you’re 100 years old when you wake up every day’ course will start with a consultation to understand where you are now and what you would like to achieve. Each 30-minute session (excluding the initial consultation) will include a treatment specifically tailored to your needs.

Before starting the course of treatment I will take a detailed history (hands off assessment) of your problem to identify what may have contributed to it in some way, and feel what your body is saying (hands-on assessment). It is impossible to prevent recurrence if we don’t know the cause or aggravating factors.

You’ll feel 10 years younger before you’re halfway through.

Ready to start getting better?

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