Stop falling to bits and get your body back

Where you’re at now…
You may feel like you are in a hopeless situation where your aches and pains seem endless, a special time or a birthday is approaching, and you find yourself saying ‘I felt this bad this last time year!’ Pain is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing. Pain is what breaks through fatigue, concentration and stress to tell us there is a problem. The challenge is when our body goes into a state of constant pain and you can’t resolve it.
The problems you have right now…
Being overwhelmed by pain and the inability to move as you need to can lead to an inability to ‘think straight’; a state that is a great hindrance in both our work and home lives. If we are kept in a state of stress and physical pain for long periods, it can be extremely detrimental to our health. Those who suffer from prolonged symptoms like these can experience:

  • Chronic joint stiffness
  • Muscle wasting
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Poor co-ordination and balance
What you need help with right now…
What would help you right now is to have a clear understanding of what is causing your symptoms and of the differences and similarities between ‘pain’ and ‘damage’. You are likely to need help to identify the main things that you cannot do, and in reviewing your current self-management strategies and how effective they really are for you right now.

In the case of long-term problems, you may simply need short term help to restore your movement and help maintain a full, pain-free range of movement. In the case where your current symptoms are significantly impacting your life physically and emotionally, we would require a more comprehensive treatment plan to get you to where you want to be.

How can the ‘Stop feeling like you’re dropping to bits and get your body back’ course help you?
I will explain how the body works and how the ‘free’ and ‘restricted tissues’ work together; and how things can get ‘stuck’ then have a significant effect on our lives right now. I will also explain my approach and the way I will work with you to access your full potential; and to live better, move better and feel better.

The ‘Stop dropping to bits and get your body back” course will start with a consultation to understand where you are now and what you would like to achieve. Each 30-minute session (excluding the initial consultation) will include a treatment specifically tailored to your needs.

Before starting the course of treatment I will take a detailed history (hands off assessment) of your problem(s), to identify what may have contributed to the problem in some way and feel what your body is saying (hands-on assessment). It is impossible to prevent recurrence if we don’t know the cause or aggravating factors.

The way you move, live and feel will be transformed.

Ready to start getting better?

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