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Kate was able to find my problem pretty much straightaway.

My back was really stiff and I was feeling pain and discomfort at work and after sitting down for long periods. After a brief chat and assessment Kate was able to find the problem was in my pelvis and realigned it quite quickly and easily in one session. There was a dull muscular ache not unlike what you would get after a workout, which only lasted a day or two but the pain and discomfort was gone. It’s amazing what she’s done and I feel like I’ve got my life and freedom back.


Michael C left a 5* review of Physio & Therapy Ltd – Hexham

I was bought a Sports Massage for Christmas after a year of lockdown and working from home left me with a bit of shoulder and back pain. My session was with Lee – who was fantastic. He listened to what I said, offered constructive and positive advice and explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. He’s also very interesting to talk to! The massage lasted half an hour and Lee varied the pressure, depending on what he found and responded to my feedback. He also offered some advice and exercises for some issues I’ve been having with my hamstrings. A thoroughly positive and useful experience! Thank you.

Michael C

Amazing Kate

Kate is absolutely amazing and fantastic at her job and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any one in pain. I had seen various professionals including a physio from the Nuffield and no one could help. Within five minutes she diagnosed and fixed my pain and problem. I can’t thank her enough? For 8 weeks I suffered incredible pain and had the wrong diagnosis from several people. In 5 minutes she fixed it. Thanks Kate you’re a star ******

Debbie L

They saved my life. Professional service and high qualifications of the entire team.

Sylwia Góra

Excellent service

I called Kate on a Monday morning and she called that same day and helped me back on my feet again with a swift assessment and subsequent dry needle treatment for a spasm in my hip. Kate was able release the tension enough to realign my hip which in turn reduced the severity of a nerve impingment. After another treatment I have been able to go out for walks lasting up to 30 minutes.

Dom J

Feeling better

I have had a problem for about a year with my hip and legs and have seen various health professionals in that time. As I was still in quite a lot of pain I decided to visit Kate. Kate took a history of my problems and after examining me diagnosed the problem immediately. I had some treatment that day and already feel in less pain than I have for over a year and I am sleeping better. I’m sure with a few more treatments my problems will be fully sorted.

Valerie M

Good professional experience

Been 3 times for treatment to my back. Really good would recommend.

Gary J

Excellent results and care

Suffered from a whiplash following a car crash and can only commend Kate for her care and expertise. Have no hesitation in recommending her.

Susan G

What a relief!!

I’ll never forget the day I walked into Kate’s clinic with excruciating back pain. I was in so much pain I could hardly move without crying out. Kate carried out the necessary treatment and thankfully the pain settled however, I would not hesitate in going back to see her again if heaven forbid the pain returns.

Rachael M

Fantastic knowledge

Fantastic knowledge. Within minutes of my assessment Kate knew exactly what the problem was and set about resolving the issue. The difference is incredible. Will not hesitate to contact Kate again if ever the need arises. Thank you.

Sarah H


Kate is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced. She has provided a range of treatments to tackle my injury, including writing reports to my GP and occupational health which has been invaluable. Professional and client focused, I couldn’t recommend a physio more highly!

Debbie C

First class knowledge and service

I have paid for treatment in most of the private physiotherapy clinics in The North East but this was the only one that found my problem and fixed it! Highly recommended.


Kate is clearly an absolute Pro. I have not had time to research reviews and did not need to as my Hubbie’s recovery and high praise was the only review needed. Today’s session was a very thorough assessment.


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