Stop putting up with ‘virtual’ assessments and see a specialist face-to-face

Where you’re at now…

When your life involves having to take care of a number of loved ones, most people put themselves last. But having tried every route you are still no further forward. You will be struggling with frustration and anger at being ‘assessed’ more than once but never actually being touched. You are very likely to now be in a downward spiral of worsening symptoms that are ruining your quality of life.

The problems you have right now…

Many people may have told you, or made you feel, that this is all in your head. You may have been given antidepressants or anxiety medication and be under the impression that it will solve this problem. But you know the only thing that will help you is seeing someone who has helped lots of people like you before, have the reviews to prove it, and can help you too. Some of the thoughts or feelings you may be having right now are:

  • this is as good as it gets so you may as well just put up with it
  • it must be normal for people your age to feel like this
  • angry that no-one is listening to you
  • tearful a lot of the time for no apparent reason
  • fed up and depressed
  • you may as well give up trying to get help as it’s not working

What you need help with right now…

What would help you right now is to see someone who understands exactly what you’re going through, and what the root cause of the problem is, so they can help you. You need to find someone you believe can help you, who you trust and feel you will be able to build a relationship with. Your journey to recovery may not be easy at times, so it’s important to find someone you are completely comfortable with.

When you have established where this all started and what’s behind your pain you will need help to overcome the symptoms you want to get rid of and understand how to stop them coming back to plague you in the future.

The world’s your oyster!

How can the ‘Stop putting up with ‘telephone’ assessments and see a specialist face-to-face’ course help you?

The bright side? It’s possible to overcome anything – with effort. I have yet to meet someone I haven’t been able to help, whether that’s been solving their problems so they can feel better, move better and live better, or simply referring them to a specialist or colleague I know can help them.

I will explain how the body works and how ‘free’ and ‘restricted’ tissues work together and how things can get ‘stuck’ then have a significant effect on our lives right now. I will also explain how I can work with you to allow you to access your full potential; and to live better, feel better and move better.

The ‘Stop putting up with ‘telephone’ assessments and see a specialist face-to-face’ course will start with a 30 minute face-to-face consultation to understand where you are right now and what you would like to achieve. After that each session will include treatment specifically tailored to your needs.

The way you feel will be transformed.

Ready to start getting better?

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