Sports Massage Hexham

Sports Massage

Sports Massage Hexham

Sports massage therapy employs varied tissue pressure to increase blood flow, reduce muscle tightness, and increase your overall range of movement.

Our sports massage therapists and physiotherapists use their expert knowledge of the human body to tailor each treatment to your particular needs, ensuring you leave feeling a lot better than when you arrived!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Sports Massage?

Sports massage therapy is suitable for everyone, not just those who participate in sporting activities.
Whether you train regularly, carry out repetitive movements at work, or sit for long periods of time, sports massage can resolve musculoskeletal disorders and eradicate pain as well as improving your posture to optimise your physical performance and condition.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?
  • Relaxing muscles by removing knots to ease pain and tension
  • Preventing and/or relieving delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Relieving swelling around joints
  • Boosting circulation and the immune system which triggers faster recovery
  • Helping to remove waste products after intense exercise (such as lactic acid)
  • Improving flexibility, body strength, and overall range of movement
  • Reducing heart rate and lowering blood pressure
  • Increases lymph flow
  • Shortening recovery time after strenuous exercise
  • Improving general well-being
  • Reducing the risk of injury
Will I experience any pain throughout the treatment?

A sports massage aims to reduce discomfort, not create pain. Some of the deep pressure and trigger point techniques used during a sports massage can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but should not be painful. If you feel any pain during treatment please ensure you make your therapist aware so that they can alter the pressure accordingly.

What can I expect during a sports massage treatment?

The first session will consist of an assessment which includes a range of movement analysis, and a visual/manual examination of the region of pain before treatment begins.

Get in touch today to discuss your symptoms, and our friendly team will be on hand to recommend the most suitable treatment route for you.

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