Sports Massage in Whickham

Sports Massage in Whickham

Wondering what sports massage is and what to expect from it? It’s an excellent question and is a fantastic technique that helps muscles properly recuperate and helps with your motor skills.

Experts in Sports Massage

Every sport’s massage therapist we have undergo specialised training to properly perform various sports massages and different techniques. This enables them to get the optimum amount of benefits of sports massage back to you – the client. Our Inspire team is dedicated to assisting you get what you set out to receive when you looked for Whickham sports massages.

Those wondering what a sports massage would feel like or want to start having a performance mindset should consider getting a sports massage today. After a few sessions, your body will feel full of relief and less actual pain. So many benefits can be obtained through a regular routine of sports massage therapy that it doesn’t make any sense not to.

Customised treatment plans

No two people are alike, so getting a sports massage in Whickham is different for everyone. That’s because we work to develop a tailored plan and regiment focused on what you’re looking to achieve and what your overall goals may be. So whether you’re looking to maximise your workouts and prevent injuries or you’re looking for a faster recovery from a surgery or injury we are here to safely get you there.

We offer deep-tissue sports massage which is meant to focus on the muscles and connective tissues the most. This type of sports massage is intended to relieve muscle tension, which also means eliminating the aches and pains you might suffer from. While our professional sports massage therapists are doing their treatments, they will also gauge certain areas that may need a more targeted approach and focus on those areas until the chronic pain or discomfort is removed.

Complete professionalism

At Inspire, our massage therapists work hard to hone and craft their skills, which means they’re there to give you the best possible high-quality sports massage every single time. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing, as you want to feel as relaxed as possible regarding the treatment. To keep you calm, we also provide additional towels and coverings to preserve your modesty, so you aren’t stressed out at any point.

We are also completely accessible and are ready to have you book us at your convenience. We provide a wide range of appointment options and do our best to adapt ourselves to your schedule when possible. We provide this level of comfort because we understand just how imperative it is to get a sports massage when necessary.
We believe that everyone can reap the benefits of a sports massage. It’s not just something reserved for a specific group of people. If you feel any type of muscle or tendon pain, you should immediately consider getting yourself an appointment for an assessment. Here a proper sports massage therapy plan can be developed and implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who's the right type of client for a sports massage?
The best part is that a sports or deep tissue massage is good for anyone, as briefly mentioned above. It’s not just for those who are active in playing sports or professional players.

This massage therapy is an excellent way to eliminate chronic stressors and pain and keep your body working optimally, and that’s especially your muscles and connective tissue. In fact, it’s always a great idea to get a sports massage when possible to help prevent injuries in the future and maintain a strong and supportive posture.

What benefits will I see from a sports massage?
Besides helping to reduce the chance of being injured and supporting your overall well-being, there are numerous benefits. For example, consistent sports massage therapy helps to promote healthy circulation, which means a stronger body to recover from injuries. This helps to also reduce your blood pressure while improving your lymph flow.

On top of that, you’ll feel benefits such as reduced swelling in the joints and muscles that are more relaxed with the removal of knots. At the same time you’ll also see better flexibility, a fuller range of motion and faster recovery time when you decide to exercise to the max. It will provide a higher quality of life that you will really savour.

Are sports massages painful?
Many people think so, and that can be quite a misconception. Sports massages are meant to eliminate pain and ease your muscles. But, unfortunately, what will happen is that you may feel momentary discomfort during some of the techniques due to that specific area requiring the benefit of sports massage to help correct it.

Discomfort is different from pain, so if at any time there is pain during treatment, you should let your qualified and professional massage therapist know so they can adapt the treatment to you as necessary.

What to expect with your first sports massage treatment?
Before any treatment plan is done or any actual massage techniques are used, the first session is typically reserved for an assessment. This is a complete analysis of your general current health situation. If there are specific areas of pain that need to be reviewed, there will be a visual examination of that area for the therapist to assess how to proceed with a treatment plan.

There’s also a movement analysis to check with the patient on their current motor skills and overall range of movement. This will help the therapist to formulate the right movement improvement plan for the patient themselves.
So are you ready to stop or reduce the amount of pain you’re feeling? A sports massage could be just what you need to help you, and we’re set to get you scheduled in. Feel free to drop us a line today to discuss your specific situation and set of symptoms. We’ll provide a high-level recommendation based on what we hear, so you can see what a treatment plan would look like.

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