Pilates in Whickham

Pilates in Whickham

Why do Pilates? Some people may start to ask that when it comes to weighing up the choices we have to help out our bodies.

The benefits of Pilates are quite important, and they can really help develop and strengthen parts of our body we tend to neglect. When you choose to take a Whickham Pilates class at Inspire, you decide to work on your core and pelvic floor control and strength. Another area that Pilates will help with is the bladder area as well.

 What is Pilates?

This question of what Pilates is comes up often, as it is still quite a relatively fresh newcomer to the world of fitness and working out. Named after the person who created it, Pilates is all about low impact. Some may think they aren’t in the right kind of shape to perform Pilates, yet in reality, Pilates is for everyone. It’s a series of controlled movements that work to improve your coordination and flexibility while boosting your strength.

The overall focus goes to the core muscles which are not just your stomach muscles but also the ones in your hips and back. There’s also a set of specialised equipment needed for some of the actions that are possible in every Whickham Pilates class. This is so you can make the most of every chance to work these muscles.

Yet Pilates doesn’t just stop there, as it also helps to improve your mind and mental concentration as well. It helps to bring those that are doing Pilates to be at the moment, bringing mindful and meditative concepts similar to what we can see in Yoga. It’s all meant to get our bodies and minds closer together and to be much more aligned.

That means not only are we working towards physically improving ourselves every time we do Pilates, but we’re also boosting our mental health and well-being. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety and other ailments of the mind.

While it helps to improve our cores and our mental well-being, Pilates also can help improve our posture, which has its own batch of benefits, especially reducing back pain and other issues misalignments can cause to our bodies.

From there, we can see improved levels of both stamina and energy that will only grow in time as our endurance improves. With better endurance, it means we can go further and have our body handle more physical activity to continue to get stronger and healthier.
Since Pilates is such a low-impact activity, it’s excellent for those that have back issues or are just starting to get into shape. In addition, there will be minimal strain on any core areas, so the risk of injury, when supported by professional Pilates instructors, is minimal.

Pilates in Whickham with us is one of the best Pilates class options available. Reach out to us today about availability and class schedules. Keep in mind that Pilates is truly for everyone, so even if you have a disability or are recovering from a procedure, surgery or injury Pilates still can be an excellent option that will only enhance your body in the long term. Do let any of our Inspire instructors know ahead of time if that’s the case, so we can make special accommodations for you where needed.

Frequently Asked Questions
What benefits come from Pilates?
As mentioned above, there are numerous benefits when it comes to strengthening the core and helping them to build muscles throughout the rest of the body. Having the body get into a healthier state will also assist with reducing pain as well as diminishing the chance of injury.

It doesn’t just help physically but also helps reduce your stress levels while working to improve your mindfulness, awareness and overall sense of well-being. This combined with the physical benefits will lead to much faster recovery times.

Is there a preferred outfit when going to a Pilates class?
There will be a lot of body movement, so it’s important to dress comfortably first. Consider wearing loose-fitting clothing that doesn’t restrict your range of motion or any specific action. Be ready to handle the class sometimes without shoes, especially on the mats. All relevant equipment needed for one of the best Pilates classes out there will be provided, so just bring yourself comfortably with a positive mindset.  
What to expect with my first Pilates class?
Whether it’s your first time or you’re a veteran, our classes will always start the same and that’s with a warm-up to get you ready for the rest of it. The process isn’t intense and is there to help get you focused on being present at the moment and with concentration on the class.

Then you’ll go through a series of Pilates techniques that are all meant to focus on giving you that promised strength, stability, and endurance. These Pilates sequences don’t have a specific order and can shift from class to class.

At the end of the class, there will be a period to wind back down and prepare us back to our daily lives. This is a time to relax as well.

How fit should I be for a Pilates class?
That’s the benefit when it comes to Pilates classes. It’s an excellent option for all levels of fitness. However, even with that in mind, some who are quite healthy may not think they can fully benefit from a Pilates class, and that is untrue. Remember, the areas that the Pilates class focuses on are those areas that need the most attention.

Regardless of skill levels, our fully qualified Pilates instructors know how to work with classes of varying skill levels and will tailor the course to each individual. That means everyone who attends will always feel as if they got the most out of their Pilates class.

If you’ve got any additional questions about our Whickham Pilates class, don’t hesitate to contact us about any of these you may feel we haven’t covered.

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