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At Inspire, we aim to use our team of experts and their experience to help you physically and bring you to an elevated range of motion which will improve how you live your daily life. It’s a comprehensive end-to-end approach to help you reach your maximum potential with living.

Whatever the reason that brings you to our clinic, we’ve got your needs covered. From pain management to improving mobility or even if you’re looking to keep yourself healthy while you vigorously train, we can be the boost you need.

Our physiotherapists are qualified, licensed and ready to work with your specific and unique needs. They will work to identify the core work areas and design a treatment strategy that will cater to your needs. There’s no “one size fits all” in physiotherapy, and our physiotherapy service for Whickham is ready to provide you with proper physiotherapy treatment.

Getting a closer look at our physiotherapy service

What does physiotherapy do? Physiotherapy is an excellent option when you’re looking to rectify numerous health issues or conditions. Our team focuses on the rehabilitation of your musculoskeletal-based motor skills. At Whickham Physiotherapy, we are here to provide results and get you back to an optimal range of motion limited due to an injury or illness.

We’re also here to ensure that when you regain that motor movement, it is also pain-free and won’t feel sore as you regain that mobility. This will also help offer you the courage to continue improving your movements on your own, which will help with the overall recovery that you may have had. We apply all various types of physiotherapy techniques and strategies most appropriate for your unique needs.

What you should expect on your first appointment with us 

At your first appointment, we will always do a general physiotherapy assessment. That’s part of the definition of physiotherapist roles. It’s meant to assess where you are at with your condition, disability or injury and where you want to get to. We will give you a handful of questions about your current health and any other issues as it will affect what the recommendations will be. They’re also there to help assuage any fears you may have or concerns that you want to voice.

We’re all about expectations here as well, so by doing this in-depth assessment we can provide you with a realistic treatment plan and help to manage your expectations. We are confident in our assessment period and how much recovery you can expect, and we will do our best to help hit your targets with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Physiotherapy treat?

Our Whickham Physiotherapy clinic helps to treat primary pain-causing situations. The role of the physiotherapist is to use numerous techniques to help correct these situations and conditions to eventually eliminate the pain and have you moving normally again.

Physiotherapy can treat problems such as tendonitis, bursitis or sciatica. In addition, it can help with both types of arthritis. It’s excellent after surgery to recover the joints and relieve any muscular pain. It can also help those who have common sports injuries such as tennis elbow or ligament sprains. For those with nerve issues, there are treatments with physiotherapy that can also help with recovery.

It can also be used as a preventative measure for those training for a big event or regularly working hard to keep themselves fit. Again, working with a physiotherapist makes perfect sense here to be able to keep your body in peak condition and help to prevent unnecessary injuries.

What benefits will I see with Physiotherapy?
The first thing you’ll notice is less pain. This is because our physiotherapists help to realign your body back into its correct position and know how all the muscles, tendons and joints should be working. So not only will the pain start to dissipate, but it also won’t come back, either.

From there, you will also see improved mobility. Again, it’ll come in iterations, but you will be pleasantly surprised by how much mobility our physiotherapists can recover. Again, this will lead to your body functions naturally improving throughout the body itself, not just in your physiotherapists’ targeted areas.

You’ll also be able to recover from injuries much faster and protect yourself from future-related injuries since your body will be running as optimally as physically possible.

What do my first appointment and treatment look like?
As mentioned above, your first appointment will primarily comprise a complete assessment of your medical history and current status. This appointment will also help you decide your initial treatment plan to start with, so you know what to expect in future physiotherapy sessions, and you’ll be made to feel relaxed and comfortable with the course of action you will be taking.

Some of the recommendations and techniques that physiotherapists can recommend will range from a combination of stretches, massages, shockwave therapy and acupuncture. It all is subject to your specific symptoms and condition and the best technique to help alleviate your pain.

How should I dress for my physiotherapy appointment?
There will be a good deal of movement for most sessions, so it’s always ideal to consider clothing that’s both loose and comfortable at the same time. We recommend shorts if you’re looking at lower body treatments and a secure top for upper body treatments.

No matter how you dress, we can easily accommodate additional coverage of your body and can handle requests for you if you’re looking to have same-sex therapy. We always respect your needs and want you to feel comfortable when you’re in your treatment as that’s most important when it comes to maximizing the techniques the physiotherapists will use.

Whenever you’re ready to book your first or next physiotherapy appointment we will be here to schedule it for you. You can reach out to us whenever with any questions about your existing symptoms, and we can provide a high-level overview of what our services can include.

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